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Here we made a set of sliders which you can use to easily create landing pages for your site. This collection is special, because all of them contains 1 slide, so-called blocks, which can be the perfect elements of a one-page site. These block elements are quite useful, because the texts can be changed easily to your own one within minutes. The sliders will only start when they arrive into the viewport, so it will give you the feeling like the whole page is being built right now, in front of you.
Different parallax effects are also enabled for these sliders, which helps you to highlight the relevant message of your site.

When you are creating such a page, or a one-page site, you should keep in mind that the elements must be in harmony, their design and animation easings, and you should avoid the sudden moves or unexpected happenings. The point of the fluid animations and feeling is that you should choose similar easings for the different layer animations, and the direction should be also like the others.

Landing Page - Block elements