Social Media Native Advertising Vs Content Marketing

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Native Advertising, Content Marketing, and Traditional Publisher Advertisement

When we talk about the native advertising, we basically refer to the use of advertisements that are in a paid form matching the function and look of the media format in its appearance. We can find native advertisements in feeds of social media and web pages that recommend contents. The native advertising attracts and engages users with a network of audiences through its advertising format and through its publishers. Whereas the content marketing shares and creates important free content in order to convert and attract prospects into customers. The content market refers to a piece of content that communicates with customers in such a way by adding value without the pitch for sales. The traditional publisher advertisement has been dismantled by the interest of the likes of ad blockers as the number of publishers is using native ads on their blogs and website for ad revenues.

Why is Native Advertising and Content Marketing Used?

Several advertisers have found the use of native advertising profitable as several people click on those ads and purchase the products. The native advertising has been playing an essential role in growing part of monetization strategies for publishers and has become an eminent practice for online marketing firms. On the other hand, when we talk about content marketing and traditional publishing, the medium is bounded to editorial content, ads on television (TV), radio, newspapers, and magazines.

Best Options for Small and Large Enterprises

It is essential to have adequate knowledge of how native advertising and content marketing differ from each other is essential when it comes to utilizing the medium for the needs of businesses. The native advertising is popular among marketers in comparison to traditional advertising and content marketing as it can be more effective. As the links to advertiser's website captivate the intended audiences, the target of native advertising is more likely to engage the audience with the content. Native advertisement increases brand appeal for small and large businesses.
The content marketing, however, demands a lot of time and investment as the content needs to be supported through promotional activities which take more time. Content marketing often keeps on changing with new trends and technologies.

Benefits of Effective Native Advertising

Native advertising has several benefits ranging from providing informative graphics, an appealing content and analysis of advertisements. Apart from the content and advertisement analysis, native advertisement helps in creating awareness of brand identity and manages the PPC. Several benefits of the native advertising are listed below:

  1. Attractive Graphics
  2. When we consider giving website and social network content an attractive edge, appealing graphics are the source that can make it happen. Native advertising provides informative graphics which helps in communication using means of visualized products. Attractive graphics in native advertising often use images and texts to convey a message to targeted audiences.

  3. Engaging content
  4. An interesting content can for native advertising helps one get an edge over competitors in social media marketing. The content of native advertising helps one to stand apart from others and encourages the targeted audiences to become interested followers. Creativeness and having knowledge of proper information are two essential ingredients for making content reliable and attractive for native advertising.

  5. Advertisement Analysis
  6. In native advertising, the goal of advertising analysis is to know the types of solutions and promises sought by the target audience of the brand. Analyzing advertisement helps native advertisers and marketers when selling a product and discovers a weakness.

  7. Brand Awareness
  8. Brand awareness is considered as one of the indispensable social media marketing tools for native advertising. The understanding of a brand makes the consumer up to date with a particular product or brand. Immediate recognition of a brand and recall of performance of brand in native ads are essential components of brand awareness.

  9. PPC Management
  10. In native advertisement, Pay-per-click (PPC) Management manages and oversees ad spending of a company by providing chances to pay for positions on the search engine. PPC is known as mobile advertising model that is used to drive web traffic. The social media agencies use the tool for social media monitoring. To put it briefly, PPC refers to strategies, tasks, and processes that are involved in the management of PPC campaigns.

Guidelines for Creation of Native Ads

Advertising company needs to execute native advertising properly in order to improve one's exposure of content, brand awareness, and reputation of a brand. It is essential to tailor one's advertisement copy in such a way that it feels indifferentiable from content published by the page. Labeling the content in an accurate way is key to create native ads successfully. An advertisement without the content's purpose and the message would deceive the audience, hence, the ad should clearly showcase the content's message. Several customers prefer learning about products through content in comparison to traditional ads.

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